Benefits of the Acord Forms Feature

Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2015
Benefits of the Acord Forms Feature
Insurance today is not an easy business to be in. Not only is the everyday person still struggling to pay bills and thus isn't thrilled about taking on an extra monthly payment, but there's so much competition in the insurance genre that a thousand businesses could go belly-up tomorrow, and the industry wouldn't skip a beat. This is why so many insurance companies are turning to the insurance agency management software system by NowCerts. Such a system gives a company the tools necessary to compete in a field that is intensely competitive. 

There are so many different advantages to be had by going with the proper insurance agency management software. Even Acord forms are simplified and made very easy through the software. 

Easy and Instant Information Flow

As you may already know, Acord is a nonprofit organization in the business of facilitating the Acord Forms and standards, for the benefit of carriers and brokers who use these forms for the standardization of information flow among different systems. The NowCerts insurance agency management software simplifies this process greatly by providing the forms and making it easy to exchange information with anyone on the system, from carriers and underwriters to brokers and independent agents. Having software with Acord Forms built in simply eliminates a lot of time and extra steps in the process. 

All Necessary Forms

Another strong benefit of the NowCerts insurance agency management software is that you have all the necessary Acord Forms available to fill out and share. Not only will you have every form type you could need, but they're also automatically updated with all relevant information pertaining to vehicles, drivers, carriers, coverages, addresses, etc. So you won't have to waste your time filling in different details and taking care of various parameters. The system does the work for you. 

Automated Signing

Now, few would complain that having to sign a form really slows down their business. It's a quick and easy thing to sign something. However, once you get into dealing with dozens and even hundreds of signatures, it can be incredibly time-consuming. You have to cycle through the documents, make sure you're signing the right thing, and manually affix your signature to all the necessary forms. The NowCerts agency management system automatically signs the documents for you. And while it only saves a minute or so, it saves that minute every time. Once you get into the hundreds of documents, you're talking about hours saved by having an automated signing process. 

Multi-Format Forms 

Dealing with so many different people, from carriers and brokers to agents, you're probably well aware that not everyone is satisfied with the same format. While some people prefer their documents in a simple doc format, others are sticklers for formatting and demand pdf. Having to go through and manually save each document to each extension can take up a lot of time. With the NowCerts agency management software, you can save in a variety of formats, including pdf and HTML, and you won't lose any valuable time in the process. 

The benefits of a quality agency management software extend far past simple convenience. With a feature like the Acord Forms, you get to save time and money while focusing only on what matters most to your business; that is, growing your business.
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