Going Paperless for Earth Day 2019

Posted on Monday, April 22, 2019
Going Paperless for Earth Day 2019
"I am old school."  This is what I hear from a lot of older generation insurance agents.  They came into this industry when typewriters were used to type up policies using carbon paper.  Fortunately, times have changed for the better and we are able to save documents electronically.  Not only does this save paper, but also reduces the carbon footprint that is created by the manufacturing process.  "Going paperless" or at least reducing the amount of paper you use in your agency is NowCerts' recommendation for Earth Day 2019.  The following is a list of tips to help you get started.

Rethink Your Printing and Paper Use

Do you really need to print it? Chances are there is another way. Replace paper newsletters with digital ones. Annual Happy Holidays card? Make it an annual email. 

Save paper when you need to print.  Reduce your font size to somethings smaller and widen your margins to fit more ink on the page.  The best advice is to print double sided if your printer allows it.  

Replace e-Signatures with Wet Ink

Almost all documents in the world today can be signed electronically.  By using NowCerts, you can send documents, such as Acord forms to be electronically signed.  The documents get signed and returned to you and no paper was harmed in the creation of your policy.   

Sign Up for Electronic Statements and Deposits

Many insurance carriers now require agencies to sign up for the direct deposit and withdrawal of commissions and premium.  This saves not only paper, but time in getting paid.  The best benefit is no losts checks.  You will never hear the excuse, "the check is in the mail!" ever again.  

Start Digitizing Your Current Paper Documents

Scan all of your documents that you need to keep, and store them electronically on computer hard drive or better yet, in the cloud!  Scanning your old documents not only saves a massive amount of space, but it also improves organization and keeps them safe!  A simple coffee spill can ruin a document, but what if your office caught on fire?  What about those documents that were reduced to ash?  You get my point. 

But, before you burn up your scanner, figure out the file naming hierarchy you will use when you sort those newly scanned files.  Getting your files into a digital form is easy.  However, you will want to be able to find them when you need this. Preparation is key!

Open Your Mail ASAP

Once you bring your mail in, process it right there.  Whether you keep it, shred it or trash it, do something with it so a paper pile does not start forming on your desk. Remember, If you have time to get the mail, you have time to sort it. Do something with it immediately.  

Shred All of Your Unneeded "Important" Paper Documents

We all have documents that have lost their "importance" over the years. Eliminate all of those unneeded documents by having a professional shredding service come and destroy them on site!  You don't even need to remove staples, paper clips or clasps from your documents before they are shredded.  The best part? Your destroyed documents are immediately taken to a recycler to be remade into new paper products.

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