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Self Serve Certificates

You don't have to do it all. Your customers will love the ability to issue their own certificates.

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We have built a comprehensive system for tracking agency and agent commissions, agency fees, carrier fees.

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Task Manager

Create a project, assign tasks to agents or CSRs, track their progress, create reports.

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Carrier Downloads

Now Certs offers automated updates of your policy information from carrier databases.

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Stay organized

manage workflow priorities

Acord Forms

We have all Acord forms available to you in PDF or HTML format. You can easily edit, sign, e-mail, fax or save them.

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Loss Runs

You dont have to subscribe to additional services to get this tool. Obtain the loss runs you need for quoting your prospects.

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We have prepared a set of over 40 commonly used reports. In addition, you can use filters to customize your reports.

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Invoices & Receipts

Easy to use tool for creating invoices, voiding them, taking payments, issuing receipts or refunds.

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Beautifully designed and easy to use modules displaying your common tasks and projects, your appointments.

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Important events are automatically placed in your calendar. Reminders for events are scheduled automatically.

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All information

you need in one place

Marketing Forms

To make your work more productive, we have prepared a set of easy to use Marketing Forms.

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Faxing and E-mailing Certificates

You will never have to create another certificate, print it and put it in the fax machine.

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Files and Documents Storage

You don’t have to think of how many gigabytes of storage you are using. We will keep your files safe for you.

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Add a vehicle, or change a driver, increase or decrease the limit of liability.

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List of Carrier Downloads

See a full list of all available carrier downloads partners.

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Claims Module

Tracking, submitting and reporting claims has never been easier. Perfect for a P&C agency that has taken the obligation of filing claim requests with carriers and MGAs.

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Stay in touch everywhere

manage your agency on the go

Mobile Friendly

Retrieve important information or documentation while visiting your clients.

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Completely Online

You can access, our secure, dedicated servers, from anywhere any time, using the latest in encryption technology.

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E-mail Synchronization

Sync all of your e-mail accounts in one easy to use location.

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Built-in Chat

You will be able to message any logged in user. We have built an easy way to communicate with your colleagues and customers.

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Always be in charge

of what goes on in your agency


You have complete control of the permissions given to each user.

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Complete Control

You can allow your customers to log-in to the system and see their own policy or parts of it.

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Pending Cancel Reminders

You will have the ability to send automated messages via e-mail to your customers.

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Reminders Prior to Renewal

As your customers get close to their renewal date, we will start reminding you.

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Electronic Signature

You can upload your signature into the system and use it for signing documents.

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Notes for Each Policy

You can write notes or schedule reminders for the whole agency, for a particular customer or an agent.

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Excellent company!!

Excellent company!!! Everyone that I have dealt was is exceptional!! I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a management system.

Stephanie Vester-Jackson

Nowcerts is Great

Nowcerts has been great for my agency. Really easy to work with and willing to make changes if something needs to be tweaked in order to fit our needs.

Ellen Ford

All-in-one powerful agency tool

It's been great to watch Nowcerts improve and advance every day, and I'm glad to have them as a partner. The support team has always been quick, responsive, and informative.

TRUX Insurance Services
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