Acord Forms

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Acord is a nonprofit organization which facilitates and distributes the Acord Forms and standards.  Most insurance carriers and brokers use the Acord forms to standardize the flow of information between different systems.  The Acord forms are designed to unify the flow of information passing from insured, through an agent or a broker to the carrier.  

Insurance agency managements system acord forms
Acord Forms
The Now Certs system carries all Acord forms.  All Acord forms are automatically populated with data from the system.  The list of vehicles, drivers, properties, coverages, addresses are all populated into the forms.  Now Certs also offers the ability to automatically sign the Acord forms, fax them or email them directly from the system, assign the Acord forms to the insured for approval, submit the Acord applications directly to underwriter for quoting.  The Now Certs has the most advanced handling of Acord forms.  Almost no manual work is left to the agent or CSR to complete.  Now Certs does the hard daunting work of completing and submitting forms and applications.  
Insurance agency managements system acord forms different formats
Different File Formats
The Now Certs system offers the Acord forms in HTML and PDF format.  The agent can download and print the forms or edit manage them online.  The Now Certs carries the most advanced tool for editing the Acord forms.  Options such as mapping of fields from the system, adding new fields, online signing, submission to the insured for approval and signing, change of color and layout are just a few very unique advantages which come only through the Now Certs insurance agency management system. 

Acord Forms

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