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One of the biggest benefits of the Now Certs Agency Management System is that various aspects of your business are all easily accessible through intuitive, simple navigation which leaves everything available at your fingertips. For instance, if you need to alert an agent about a commission, you can easily find these details and reach out to the agent. However, Now Certs takes it even further than that. We have also constructed a built-in chat feature via the system, whereby you can instantly communicate in live-time with anyone else on the system. No phone calls, no waiting around for emails; with the chat feature, you can simply talk to others on the system via instant messaging

We did our best to create a content management system that operated as so much more than that. With the chat feature, we're adding a little bit of social networking to content management, which ultimately saves time and money for your business, while easing the workflow and enabling you to frequently and instantly communicate with anyone you need to.

Once you have the system up and running, you will notice that on the main dashboard page of the screen, there's a small, rectangular pop-up in the bottom-right corner. This is the Chat feature. The biggest benefit here is that you don't have to click on a separate screen or section and search for anyone to contact. If a user is logged into the system, then that user will be instantly available via the Chat feature. All you need to do subsequent finding their name is to click on it and type your message. 

Talking with people isn't always enough, however. Let's say you're going over important details about creating a new strategy to get more insured clients to renew their policies. In a conversation like this, which will undoubtedly be lengthy and feature many different ideas and steps, it's very common for one party, or even all parties involved, to forget pertinent details. Now Certs eliminates the need for a perfect memory by automatically saving all chat logs to our servers. So if ever you need to reference the history, you can find it via the "Miscellaneous" section of the left-hand taskbar. 

With the Now Certs Agency Management System, you're getting all the ease and convenience necessary to focus only on growing your business. We simplify the daily minutia to help you streamline your entire operations. 

Built-in Chat

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