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The calendar is a vital part of any insurance agency management system.  The calendar takes a focal place in the Now Certs system as well.  However, the Now Certs calendar goes far beyond simple appointment setting and reminders.  Much automated functionality has been added to the system's calendar.  Such important dates as insureds' birthdays, for example, are automatically added to the calendar.  Policy pending cancellation dates are also automatically added to the calendar.  Furthermore, policy renewal and expiration dates, employees' state licence expiration dates, driver licence expiration dates and many more are also added automatically to the calendar.  Besides adding these important dates to the calendar, the system provides the ability to set automatic reminders for each type or category of events.  Each event can be assigned to a specific agent or the whole agency.  Events can also be set on repetitive schedule, synced with an email provider or integrated into mobile devices.  

The Now Certs calendar is a multifunctional integration and communication server on its own.  The calendar is designed to remind, push notifications, alert, but most importantly to help the agent be organised and therefore provide superior customer service to its clients.  


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