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An agency management system is only as good as the quality of data it holds. Having access to current and accurate information about your book of business and policies is crucial to running your agency effectively. It also reduces the exposure to Errors and Omissions risks. Maintaining your database up to date manually could be a daunting and time-consuming task. Using carrier downloads is a great way to keep your client and policy information up to date. Luckily, many carriers offer daily policy downloads. At Now Certs, we have automated the processing of carrier data downloads, making the task of keeping your policy data current as simple as a few clicks.
Insurance agency managements system carrier downloads list
Carrier Downloads List
Carrier downloads can be received directly from carriers or via the Ivans Insurance Solutions Data Exchange, a centralized downloads service that provides access to downlands from over 300 carriers and MGAs. The advantage of using a centralized service is not having to maintain separate  software applications and accounts for each carrier. With a single, free Ivans account, Now Certs can automatically maintain your clients' policy information up to date. With direct bill commission downloads, Now Certs can help you reconcile your commissions agency statements and prepare accurate commissions reports for your agents.

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Carrier Downloads

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