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Located in and catering primarily to the great state of Maryland, Agency INS Co of MD, known simply as AIC, is a profitable insurance company that deals primarily in coverage for privately owned automobiles. Known for giving deep discounts and offering high-quality customer service, AIC is rated very highly in comparison to other auto insurance companies in Maryland, and with a couple dozen employees via their main office in MD, AIC is more like an old-school mom 'n' pop insurance spot rather than a big-time branch or publicly traded powerhouse. It's this small, in-house, hands-on status that earns AIC such a solid reputation as a quality insurer.


What Agency INS Co of MD Offers

AIC does have companies located in Virginia and Pennsylvania as well, but their main office in Elkridge, Maryland is where the vast majority of their business takes place. They offer auto insurance for privately owned vehicles first and foremost, but also have coverage options for commercial vehicles. They insure a wide list of automobiles, including but not limited to:

Golf Carts
Step Vans
Box Trucks
Tow Trucks
And much more ...

Along with offering great coverage packages for all the aforementioned types of vehicles and more, AIC is also partnered up with over 1,500 other agencies across the United States, meaning they have a very far-reaching presence to be a relatively small shop.

Agency INS Co of MD Contact Information

NowCerts Insurance Agency Management System accepts carrier downloads from Agency INS Co of MD through Ivans.

AIC is located in Elkridge, Maryland and can be reached toll-free through 800-492-5629 for customer service, or 800-841-5241 for claims. Their main website is


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