Claims Module

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We built this module with the agent and the insured in mind.  Starting with the Acord forms prefilling, submitting directly to carriers by email or fax, going through the exact questions that an agent must ask its clients, all the way to building an iFrame widget that can be integrated into the insurance agency's website.  

Other management systems have found a very easy solution for providing this feature to its users.  Most have provided the Acord forms, allowed the agent to edit those forms and save them somewhere in the system.  Well, we thought this just isn't enough.  We thought of going much further and automating the process.  We looked at the necessary questions needed for submitting a claim to a carrier.  Then separated the questions into several categories based on the line of business of the policy in question.  Auto completing the Acord forms was a must, but not enough.  An agent can actually send the Acord form claims submission directly to a Carrier right from the system.  Then we thought of even further easing the process.  The Now Certs Agency Management System has a portal for the insureds.  Building a claim submission module within the insured portal definitely needed.  But what if the insured wants to submit the claim through the insurance agency's website?  We built an iFrame widget which can easily be integrated into any website.  Thus allowing the agency to capture such claim submissions directly from the insured and after just a quick approval that claim submission can be forwarded directly to the Carrier's claims department.  

Now Certs is not just another agency management system; Now Certs is a tool which is designed with the agent and the insured in mind.  It is designed to save time, money and effort.  It is designed to make money for the insurance agency.  

Claims Module

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