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Commissions are the lifeline of an insurance agency. It's what pays the bills and gets us to work in the morning. Recording, reconciling, reporting, and managing commission flows is an essential part of running a successful agency. It can also be one of the most complicated, time-consuming and intimidating jobs in any organization. Now Certs offers a comprehensive system for tracking, reconciling and reporting commissions, both for the agency as a whole and for individual agents.
We believe we have designed the best commissions tracking tools in the industry. The commissions tracking module is one of the pillars of the Now Certs agency management system.  It is managed by a set of rigorous computational methods and automation.  The commission module is built to assist the insurance agency with calculating and tracking commission due to the agency and to agents.

The Now Certs commission module is in a class of its own.  Now Certs is the only system in which the commission module is designed to handle calculations for both commercial and personal lines.  It is the only one on the market which addresses all possible cases for tracking the agency and agent commission, yet keeping the whole process simple and easy.

Commissions tracking and reconciliation, making sure the agency gets paid in a timely fashion and in turns fairly compensates its agents, is one of the most complicated tasks at any agency. It is directly tied into the agency cash flows and as such it is crucial to have a good grasp of the timing and accuracy of commission receivable and commission payable. At Now Certs, we have aimed at simplifying and automating the process of commissions tracking and accounting as much as possible. Starting with simplifying the set up of commission rules for both the agency and agents, through an easy to use method for recording commissions on individual transaction, to semi-automated commission statement reconciliation and comprehensive commission reports generation, Now Certs makes getting a handle on commissions easy!

Whether your organization uses primarily direct-bill or agency-bill or whether you utilize outside or internal financing, Now Certs will help you track payments correctly. Whether you net commissions from the down payments or send all trust account amounts to the carrier, Now Certs makes it easy to track and manage commissions. Now Certs lets you easily split commissions to multiple agents, track charge-backs, generate reports on upcoming commissions earned, reconcile carrier commissions reports with internal records and keep track of unpaid commissions and commissions paid but not-fully earned and subject to charge backs.

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