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Now Certs, in our development of this cutting-edge Agency Management System, started testing and experimenting with a wide variety of formats and templates and set-ups in order to find the best possible solution for an insurance agency's needs. We found that the easiest approach to take for an inclusive agency fit was to create a system that required very little to run. So, what resulted was a system that was very light in size, very light on resources, and that only required an Internet connection to run fully. So even if you don't have a powerful PC, you can run the Agency Management System fluidly and without a hiccup so long as you have a stable Internet connection.

While there are similar content management systems that operate via the Internet, most have in common the negative side effect of having to use a server specific to that system. "How do we push past these limitations?" we asked ourselves. The answer: Forget the dedicated server! We created this system specifically to allow people to access it from anywhere. So, whether you're at your place of business in the states, or on a business trip in Italy, or anywhere else in the world, you can access this system via any device that has an Internet connection. It really is that inclusive, able to work cross-platform on any OS and any version of an OS.

The system being so easily accessible isn't a downside at all. Your first thought might be that a system so easy to use and available so widely would invite unauthorized users into it. To the contrary, we take great steps to ensure that no one but authorized users are allowed to access the system. So whatever data you have is safe and secure on our own servers, and we save an unlimited amount of information for you, which you can access anywhere at any time.

This innovative approach to system access takes cloud computing to the next level. It's never been so easy for you to access and control your data.

Completely Online

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