E-mail Synchronization

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Communicating via the web is a crucial aspect of business today, particularly for insurance agencies that need to keep in constant contact with the insured, agents, affiliates, colleagues, and others within the industry. Email is perhaps the best way available to quickly send someone a message and to stay in contact with important people. With the Now Certs Agency Management System, synchronizing as many emails as you want is very easy.

On the left-hand task bar of the system, you will see a large "E-Mail" tab. Simply click on this tab in order to open up the navigation menu. Once the menu has been accessed, you will see the "Add new account" page, which contains all the requisite areas to fill out. The account name, the system, the email provider, the email servers, incoming and outgoing, and more. After filling out the info, simply click OK to register these email settings to the system.

The intuitive Agency Management System recognizes most popular email servers, so you won't even have to manually fill out all the information if you use a popular server. The system will recognize it and auto-complete for you. In terms of syncing your emails, you can sync either incoming emails, outgoing emails, or both. You can also decide whether or not you want to compose your emails using the Now Certs Agency Management System or if you'd rather compose them using your email server.  

The goal here is to simplify the process of sending and receiving emails. With management systems of the past, you might have received an alert about a client needing some information, but in order to send them the email, you would have to leave the system and log into your email server independently, transferring the data off-system. With the Now Certs system, everything can be handled inside of the same program. When you get an alert or another prompt that leads you to construct an email, you can quickly and easily write and send it via the system.

E-mail Synchronization

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