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Creating signatures in the insurance industry has never been a difficult task, but it can be rather tedious. Now Certs has as an exciting and intuitive new way to streamline this process, which completely takes the labor out of the task. With the Electronic Signature feature of the Now Certs Agency Management System, it takes less than a minute for every system user to curate their own signature.


The benefits of an electronic signature are something that many companies, particularly insurance companies, are now starting to realize are vast. For example, by using the system to create your signature in under a minute, you now have a signature that can be used to sign various forms for underwriters and affiliates, signing off on commissions, signing certificates, and anything else for which your signature is required.


Creating the signature couldn't be easier. You simply want to access the drop-down bar from the top-right corner of the screen, select “Profile,” and click on “Signatures” in the toolbar. From this area, you can edit or create new signatures. By clicking the “Add New” tab, you will be given very simple steps to create the signature, including typing your name into the bar and then selecting whatever signature style you want.


The goal here is to save your agency time, which results in saving your agency money. The system manager or administrator will be able to view all signatures, while other employees and users will only be able to see their signature. So not only is this method incredibly easy, but it's also very secure.

Electronic Signature

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