Invoices & Receipts

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The Now Certs agency management system provides an integrated and simple to use platform for creating and keeping track of client payments and invoices.  This functionality is particularity applicable for policies with agency billing but can be useful to keep track of receivables for all types of policy billing: agency bill, direct bill, and even financed policies (both in-house and outside financing).

When entering  a new policy into the system, the agency user has the option to create a schedule of upcoming payments for the policy based on the type of billing/financing, number of payments and other important parameters.  Based on these input parameters, the system will automatically generate a schedule of upcoming payments.  Once created, this schedule can help your agency keep track of payments due by insureds.  Reminders for upcoming payments can be sent to both the insured and the agency.  The agency receives automated alert notifications when a payment has been flagged as late.

With a simple click, a user can generate an invoice for each payment due in the schedule.  When a payment is received and processed, the agency can easily generate and send a receipt to the client.  Naturally, a record of all these transactions is stored in the client's profile.  An authorized agency person can run a number of informative reports periodically to make sure the agency stays on top of payment and receivables.

Furthermore, because Now Certs offers integration with Quick Books, all these transactions are easily exportable to your version of the accounting software.  This will allow your agency to synchronize your policy payments and receivables with your financial and tax accounting functions.

We are currently working on integrating popular online payment systems to allow your customers to pay their invoices online (through the Client Portal), allowing your agency to automate payment collections using Now Certs and the payment processing vendor of your choice.  Stay tuned for updates on this feature.

Invoices & Receipts

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