Loss Runs

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Loss Runs are reports provided by an insurance carrier representing all accidents and incidents involving a particular insured for specific policy within a particular time frame.  Loss Runs are used by carriers to determine current risk and estimate the possibilities of a future loss.

No other agency management system offers this functionality.  It is unique to Now Certs  The Loss Runs feature is designed to help insurance agents obtain the loss runs for a prospect directly from the carrier, by bypassing the possibility of the incumbent agent to delay or prevent the delivery of these reports.  In most cases, if an agent asks a prospects for the loss runs, the prospect will have to contact the current agent and request the reports.  In the process, the incumbent agent will do all he or she can to prevent those reports from reaching other agents.  The Now Certs Loss Runs feature bypasses the incumbent agent by providing a pass directly from the insured to the carrier and back to the quoting agent.  
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Loss Runs Request
Now Certs has a list of over 6,000 carriers.  The list consists of carriers' names, addresses and fax numbers directly to the loss runs department.  The Now Certs feature allows for a quick creation of a loss runs request letter which can then be shared with the prospect.  The prospect can review the letter, approve it and click on a button which will automatically fax and email the loss runs request to the carrier.  The fax number and email address to which the loss runs report will be delivered is the one of the quoting agent.  Thus providing an easy way to create the loss runs request letter, share it with the prospect, send it to the carrier and most importantly bypass the incumbent agent. 

Loss Runs

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