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Something the vast majority of all successful brands have in common today is that you can find them via social media and other Internet marketing areas such as mobile marketing, whereby they keep in touch with customers and clients via mobile messages or by having a site that's formatted for mobile use. Now Certs understands the way the market is trending, and so a big point of emphasis for us was to create our Agency Management System to be very mobile friendly.

The mobile friendliness of this particular system has to do with an on-the-go style of content management that only Now Certs is able to provide. You don't have to be at the office computer on a big machine in order to access this system and all its many features. It's completely mobile compatible, and you will receive the same level of quality via the mobile system as the full system.

The Now Certs Agency Management System is specifically designed with mobile computing in mind, so the system is designed to be fully operational and easy to use on a computer screen of any size, from your desktop to a tablet or smartphone.

The trick here is our unique, responsive template that displays all the same information despite the size of the screen. Even scaling down to the smallest size of a smartphone screen, everything is completely resized and able to be used as normal.

Mobile Friendly

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