Pending Cancel Reminders

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Now Certs understands that the insurance industry has changed greatly as social media and mobile computing have become ingrained parts of people's daily lives. For instance, a solid business practice employed today by successful companies is to issue mobile reminders to a customer base. With the Now Certs Agency Management System, we have designed a sufficient system by which you can use this social marketing tactic with your insurance customer base.

Let's say that an insured has been placed on pending cancel status by the carrier. Without this system, there would be a couple problems. First, you might not even be aware of the pending cancel status of an individual customer. Secondly, by the time you got the snail mail notification to the insured, it may be too late. With this easy, intuitive system, you can send an email instantly to the insured reminding him or her of the pending cancel status looming and thus ensuring a quick re-up of insurance. This saves everyone time and makes your company more money by securing more commitments to policy extensions and renewals.

Creating your pending cancel list of insureds is also incredibly easy and streamlined with the Now Certs Agency Management System. By clicking on the relevant tab, you will see an entire section dedicated to “Add New Pending Cancellations.” Here, you can add the name, date and other details, and it will remain in the system until you delete it.

There are two main benefits to this aspect of the system. Benefit number one: It prompts the insured to renew their policy before the cancellation kicks in. Number two: Creating these notifications in the system helps you to be free of errors and omissions claims. Doing this, the old-fashioned way could easily result in a pending cancel being missed. Being off by a single day may end up costing you money. These are errors insurance companies cannot afford. But with the Now Certs Agency Management System, the human error element is removed, and there's more money to be made.

To prevent cancellations and to drastically increase the number of customer renewals, Now Certs provides you with the inclusive tools needed to add to your bottom line.

Pending Cancel Reminders

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