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Any system for an insurance company is only as good as what your individual agents can see and do. And without an intuitive, free-flowing system that allows the right permissions to your agents, your time and money are wasted. With the Now Certs Agency Management System, you get the benefit of providing for your agents specific permissions based on what they're able to see per their standing in the company. This allows agents to operate the system on their own, without needing management to walk them through anything.

Whether you are talking about policies, commissions, the insured clients, any types of reports, etc, if you want an agent to be able to easily access this material, you can provide these permissions, in a matter of seconds. This creates a streamlined atmosphere in-house whereby agents can do their jobs more quickly and effectively .

Adding these permissions with the Agency Management System is very easy. On the left-hand taskbar, you will see a plus sign (+). Clicking this opens the "Quick Add" menu, which allows you to quickly add new information in a streamlined format. By clicking on "Agent," you can then create a new user by simply entering the data into the relevant fields. Once the agent has been added, scroll down, and you will see a very long list of various permissions you can allow the user.

Whatever you do here isn't set in stone either. If at any time you want to add or take away permissions, simply follow the same process and add/remove permissions per the user in question.

This is a way to provide a more streamlined workflow within the company. Now when an agent needs to access various items and details, he or she can simply use the system per the permissions granted. It cuts back greatly on time and resources.


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