Reminders Prior to Renewal

Always be aware what is happening in your agency
Now Certs understands that insurance companies are in the business of making money, and more important than keeping a streamlined flow of data that's easily managed, you need tools to help you increase your company's bottom line. This is where a feature like the Renewals section of our Agency Management System helps increase the profitability of a company.

The Agency Management System contains a detailed list of all your insured clients, including their policy details like types of policies and, more important, the dates of those policies. As any insured's policy begins approaching the expiration date, you will automatically receive alerts for Renewals. On the dashboard of the system, you see in the top-right of the toolbar a "Renewals" tab, with a "View" button under it. This will automatically tell you which clients are up for renewal, allowing you to act quickly and always keeping you informed of these important details.

This particular widget not only displays the renewals closest to you at that time, but if you scroll down on the dashboard, you can see another Renewals section that tells you even more about how many renewals you have looming. This ensures that you never get caught by surprise. You will always be one step ahead in the renewal process with the Now Certs Agency Management System.

To access the entire list and to take subsequent action, it is as easy as clicking on the "Renewals" tab in the left-hand taskbar. This section allows you not only to view which clients are coming up for renewal, but it also allows you to check any time range you wish to see who's pushing close to renewal, and you can instantly navigate to the insured's details from this section, meaning you won't have to go out and back around.

Part of what makes for an efficient management system is the ability to tie various aspects of insurance in together via a  streamlined module. The Now Certs Agency Management System provides this by simplifying navigation and always keeping you abreast of any pending changes to all policies.

Reminders Prior to Renewal

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