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NowCerts Team

Well, we were thinking – as long as we're filling you in our day-to-day activities at Now Certs, you might as well have some context to follow along with. After all, every character introduced may as well be John Doe unless you have some actual info to go on. So, let's meet the team! These are the people whose skill, experience, teamwork and dedication make our agency management system the best in the business, bar none.

Brittany Baker

Meet Brittany


If you could trap sunshine in a bottle, it would be indistinguishable from Brittany. Not only is she freakishly skilled at helping customers with even the toughest, most frustrating problems, but she's lightning fast in her dealings. When there's a huge program to undertake, or something complex and multi-tiered, we know that Brittany will handle it with a smile – and quickly. That makes her an invaluable part of the team.

Kristina Tate

Meet Kristina


Every team needs a customer service expert hanging around, and we're thrilled to have Kristina on the team. She's a naturally happy, cheerful person, and her people skills are messianic. She's like the frustrated customer whisperer. It also helps tremendously that she's an expert in insurance and knows our system just as well as the programmers who created it. Any questions or concerns, Kristina is our go-to crewperson to get things moving.

Julien Kasnedelchev

Meet Julien

Lead Developer

Julien is one of those Zuckerberg types who has been writing code long, long before the Internet ever became a household thing. He has so much experience that he can't even remember when it all started. Julien is the man in charge of the development team; he is the one responsible for everything that happens or doesn't happen anywhere in the system. If we need something built which does clever things written in a language nobody can understand – Julien is the man!!

Ilian Boev

Meet Ilian

Front-End Developer

Ilian is not only our creative director, but also our resident idea machine. When we needed a sleek, modern design to compete with other platforms in the mobile market, he's the guy we went to with the issue. Ilian is like a freak of nature when he works; he doesn't make mistakes, he's as meticulous as one can be, and the guy is just never wrong! Every page of the system bears Ilian's fingerprints, and we're proud to have such a professional helping us to bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

Martin Ralovski

Meet Martin


Martin is basically the lead pin of programming around here. That's no small task, mind you, as we're always developing and updating ideas. Martin has his hands full overseeing things, but the amount of experience and professionalism he brings to the table helps the process run as smoothly as possible. He can also develop like nobody's business, specializing in desktop apps. And when it comes to integrating, Martin is seamless – graceful like a swan and proud as a peacock.

Borislav Georgiev

Meet Borislav


Some people are love gurus; some are kung-fu gurus; Borislav is a programming guru. If you look up the word "natural", you will see a picture of Borislav. Programming comes naturally to him, and he's always got a slew of new, great ideas to share with us. Borislav is a wizard in the realm of system architecture, which means his work improves the process of our system. So when you hear it referred to as "streamlined", Borislav's the guy to thank.

Daniel Shaprin

Meet Danny


Danny is a spring chicken compared to others on the team in terms of his experience. But even though he's still in school, he's hands-down the best developer in the business. When customers show appreciation for our Acord Forms feature and our software's amazing ability to migrate data and populate fields automatically, we just give thanks to Danny for making these features possible. He's also full of new and fresh ideas, straight from the realm of academia, and this is helpful to us in untold ways.

John Ellison

Meet John


When we needed a sales expert for the team, John was our guy. With ample experience in selling life and health insurance, and even dealing with big-time commercial accounts, John is the business master and understands the insurance game in an intimate way that few can match. He also has a knack for breaking the technical down into layman, so when something needs to be explained, John is our man.

Peter Germanov

Meet Peter


Peter is, in many ways, your typical guy's guy. Though in other areas, he's like The Donald. He wants to be called the Big Kahuna, and for his entire professional career he's been doing things like a boss. Heavy on ideas and as imaginative as anyone we've ever met, Mr. Kahuna is our behind-the-scenes tour de force that makes the clock tick. From accounting and financing and overseeing the programmers to taking care of customers, Peter has a finger in every pie. If you need something done, talk to Peter - he's Da Man!

Vladimir Vladimirov

Meet Vladimir


Vladimir is the initiator of the system. He always checks if everything goes correctly and if everybody is on the right track. He is everywhere in every team and motivates the participants to show the best of them.