Let Our Customers

do the talking

Insurance agency management system - let our customers do the talking
Don Rogers
TRI State Insurance Agency

I like the system. I can print any form I want, I can send certs, I can sign the forms. Well I really like this agency management system.

Garry Young
Young and Renolds General Agency of Idaho

Very well done. I got NowCerts just for the certificates of insurance system they have. But its actually a great management system.

Jack Frantti
Green Insurance Brokers of IL

I'm really liking your AMS so far! Very easy to use and lots of functionality.

Tom Galivan
Auto Dealers Direct Insurance Agency

Honestly the best agency management system available. It has all the features we need. But most importantly, it is very simple and easy to use.

Watch Our Customers

sharing their experience with NowCerts

Insurance agency management system video testimonial
Gerry Stephens
Atlas Property and Casualty

Gerry Stephens speaks highly of his experience using NowCerts. He explains the ease of use, commissions module, loss runs feature and testifies of his experience with customer service.

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Insurance agency management system video testimonial
Mark Richards
TRI State Condo Protection and Insurance

Mark Richards compares NowCerts with other agency management systems which he has previous experience with. He also explains how NowCerts fits exactly his agency needs.

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Insurance agency management system video testimonial
Gallagher Insurance Brokers

Tiffany uses NowCerts agency management system for over a year. She likes the way the system manages the profiles of the insureds and the uploaded files.

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Insurance agency management system video testimonial
All Lines Insurance

Jessica speaks about her great experience with our customer service and available training. She is impressed of the time which NowCerts saves her every day and the unique features the system offers.

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Insurance agency management system video testimonial
Hudson Insurance Agency

Stephanie describes her experience with NowCerts agency management system and the ease of use of the endorsements and quick notes.

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Insurance agency management system video testimonial
Part Time Insurance Agent

Jason loves the ability of his customers to issue their own certificates which saves him much time. All the e-mails he receives are nicely organized and separated to the specific insured profile.

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Insurance agency management system video testimonial
Truckers' Select Insurance Agency

Ryan talks about his favourite part of NowCerts agency management system - Loss Runs Request module.

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Everything Starts

with the CUSTOMER

Insurance agency management system - everything starts with the customer
"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." Michael Leboeuf
"Customers will want to talk to you if they believe you can solve their problems." Jeffrey Gitomer

We focus on our customers and ask them for feedback.

Very nice software

Sherry Owens, Manager at Top Line Commercial Insurance of Utah

I love it. I have shopped for agency software. I saw so many demos. They were all the same. A lot of concentration on personal auto. I asked all of the sales rep, how do I manage my trucking book with your product. They gave me some all kinds of stories how they are working on developing their commercial part, this and that. Bottom line is, no matter the price, you wont find anything better out there. If you do have personal and half commercial, then you need something that can handle both. I think this is it.

I would suggest some more things to be done for Life and Health. We do not do Life and Health insurance at the moment, but if we did, I would not want to be looking for yet another software option.

Customer Ratings

5 / 5 Overall
4.5 / 5 Ease Of Use
5 / 5 Customer Service

NowCerts AMS

Roberto Castro, Agent/Owner at Castro-Dieppa Ins. Brokers

Pros: really easy to use, lots of features, easy to add agents and commissions splits, nice reports, the dashboard is great to keep track of the agency. Customer service is great and they go the extra mile to accommodate you.

Cons: Nothing so far.

Customer Ratings

4 / 5 Overall
4 / 5 Ease Of Use
5 / 5 Customer Service

NowCerts Agency Managment System

Lynn Flores, Manager at Ace Commercial Insurance Center

We have been using 4 different Agency Management Systems for the last 12 years. Because, when we purchased 2 additional agencies in the past, they were using a different ones. I rather not mentioned the names but they were expensive and not intuitive.

We just use the NowCerts for 2 months, all of my CSRs love the Self-Serve Certificates, this is best in the market so far. In term of Overall and Ease of Use, there are a few bugs need to be corrected. But I am sure that NowCerts are also aware of it and they are also continuing improving and adding the new features. We love it.

Customer Ratings

4 / 5 Overall
4 / 5 Ease Of Use
5 / 5 Customer Service
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