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Self Serve Certificates

You don't have to do it all. Your customers will love the ability to issue their own certificates. It is so easy for them and takes such a big load off your shoulders. Enroll your customers in NowCerts.

Self Serve Certificates Demo


Commissions tracking is crucial to your success. We have built a comprehensive system for tracking agency and agent commissions, agency fees, carrier fees or even interest rates on payment plans.

Commissions Demo

Task Manager

Create a project, assign tasks to agents or CSRs, track their progress, create reports on their performance, are all available at your fingertips under our amazing project manager module.

Task Manager Demo

Carrier Downloads

NowCerts offers automated updates of your policy information from carrier databases. Stay on top of the insurance market through real-time, automated data exchange with insurance carriers.

Carrier Downloads Demo

Over 25 useful features

ready to help you improve your workflow

Insurance agency management software dashboard preview

Acord Forms

We have all Acord forms available to you in PDF or HTML format. You can easily edit, sign, e-mail, fax or save them.
Acord Forms Demo


We have prepared a set of over 40 commonly used reports. In addition, you can use filters to customize your reports.
Reports Demo

Loss Runs

You dont have to subscribe to additional services to get this tool. Obtain the loss runs you need for quoting your prospects.
Loss Runs Demo

Invoices & Receipts

Easy to use tool for creating invoices, voiding them, taking payments, issuing receipts or refunds.
Invoices & Receipts Demo

About The Product

we see the world differently



We have designed NowCerts to be easy to learn and use. With NowCerts agency management system, you won’t need hours and hours of training and instruction...

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Not only is NowCerts AMS intelligently designed and engineered, it also includes a number of artificial intelligence features that will increase your Agency IQ...

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Secure is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technologies such as encryption and authentication to prevent interference...

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NowCerts will make you and your agency more efficient, accomplish more with less effort, stay organized, reduce your costs and make your insured clients happy...

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Rediscover Agency Management

all information you need at one place

Insurance agency management software profile dashboard


Beautifully designed and easy to use modules displaying your common tasks and projects, your appointments, the pending cancellations or the accounts coming up for renewal.

You can quickly see your agents' performance in terms of sales and commissions, monitor carrier downloads and recent endorsements, and follow up on your prospects. All displayed elegantly on your Dashboard.

Dashboard Demo

Insurance agency management software calendar widget


Important events are automatically placed in your calendar. Reminders for events such as the birthdays of your insureds are scheduled automatically.

You will not forget to call that big commercial client on her birthday. We will remind you via e-mail and by placing notifications on your Dashboard.

Calendar Demo

We absolutely love the ease of use of NowCerts which saves us a lot of time and effort energy.

Gerry Stephens

NowCerts team is totally awesome. Everyone are so nice and helpful.


If you are looking for easy to learn agency management system full of useful features NowCerts is really the one.

Mark Richards

What I really like about the NowCerts system is the way it manages the insured's profile.


Stay in touch everywhere

manage your agency on the go

Insurance agency management software compatible with mobile devices

Mobile Friendly

Retrieve important information or documentation while visiting your clients. Create notes or be reminded of important events while traveling.
Mobile Friendly Demo

E-mail Synchronization

Sync all of your e-mail accounts in one easy to use location. No need to go back and forth between Agency Management and e-mail inboxes.
E-mail Synchronization Demo

Completely Online

You can access, our secure, dedicated servers, from anywhere anytime, using the latest in encryption technology.
Completely Online Demo

Built-in Chat

You will be able to message any logged in user. We have built an easy way to communicate with your colleagues and customers.
Chat Demo


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! With this unique service, we can handle all your certificates needs – full time or part time. We have staff that will take phone calls for you and handle a variety of CSR related issues.

In addition

you also receive

Marketing Forms

To make your work more productive, we have prepared a set of easy to use Marketing Forms. You can choose the form and the recipients then just hit send.

Faxing & E-mailing Certificates

You will never have to create another certificate, print it and put it in the fax machine. NowCerts issues and sends certificates, forms or documents.
Certificates Demo

Files and Documents Storage

You don’t have to think of how many gigabytes of storage you are using. We will keep your files safe for you.
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Add a vehicle, or change a driver, increase or decrease the limit of liability, we create an endorsement to keep track of every change you make.

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Even more great features

waiting for you

Insurance agency management software ready for mobile


You, the agency owner has complete control of the permissions given to each user. You can allow agents to see all policies or only those pertaining to them.
Permissions Demo

Pending Cancel Reminders

You will have the ability to send automated messages via e-mail to your customers, reminding them of their pending cancel status.
Pending Cancel Reminders Demo

Electronic signature

You can upload your signature into the system and use it for signing documents.
Electronic Signature Demo

Complete control

You can allow your customers to log-in to the system and see their own policy or parts of it, via our insureds portal module.
Complete Control Demo

Reminders prior to renewal

As your customers get close to their renewal date, we will start reminding you. We will display the number of pending renewals you have.
Renewal Reminders Demo

Notes for each policy

You can write notes or schedule reminders for the whole agency, for a particular customer or an agent.
Notes Demo

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