The Many Benefits of a Proper Dashboard

Posted on Monday, May 4, 2015
The Many Benefits of a Proper Dashboard
Any company offering agency management system software for your insurance business can claim to be the best, but everyone knows that any system is only as good as its features. Take our system NowCerts as a perfect example. Now, even with all the many different features and the intuitive layout, the software wouldn't be worth its salt in the slightest if it weren't easy to use. In fact, that's one of the primary things we pride ourselves on at NowCerts – the ability to use the software easily via its dashboard. Having tested and tweaked the design many times over, our dashboard is one of the best features of our agency management system software, and there are many different benefits to having such a streamlined setup.

Below are just a few of the many, many different benefits you can experience via our custom-tailored dashboard for our agency management system software. 

How the Right Dashboard Makes Life Simpler

A Hawk's Vision 

The first area where the dashboard stands out is in its forward-looking design. For instance, by simply navigating to the dashboard of the software, you get a bird's eye view of the entire system. It's like a hawk flying high, zoned in on a mouse in the field. Anything you need to access in the entire system, or anything you need to check on, it's all available to you via the dashboard. With just the click of a mouse, you can navigate to any area in the system in a matter of seconds. 

Incredibly Streamlined and Intuitive

Not only does the dashboard provide the perfect hub from whence to navigate the entire system, but it's also incredibly streamlined and very intuitive. For instance, the layout of the dashboard is very easy to learn and remember. As you're using the system and need to navigate to a feature like the Acord Forms or need to find the permissions section, everything is laid out in an intelligent manner. That is to say, once you start to get the hang of the system, you won't have to look around for these features. You can pretty much guess from the rest of the layout where all the features are. The Glance strip menu displays your unread mail, certificates, appointments, etc., so you'll also never miss anything important. The system is designed to keep you updated. 

A Multi-Tasker's Dream

Because of the intuitive and innovative task module of the system, multi-tasking is also very easy. Whether needing to create a quick to-do list or a comprehensive rundown of a complete strategy, it can all be designed and followed directly from the system's dashboard. This is made easy due to the tasks being organized by the priority of the task: Its status, due date, etc. So this software helps you by prioritizing tasks and making it easy to navigate your way through the various tasks associated with your day to day business. 

Plenty of Extra Widgets 

Another strong point of the system dashboard is that there are plenty of extra widgets within the system that offer you increased functionality and better overall navigation of the system. From widgets that help you with carrier download information to tracking widgets that deal with recent prospects and endorsements, there isn't a part of your business that will be neglected thanks to our dashboard. You will be able to stay on top of every conceivable task you have. 

A lot of systems out there claim to have streamlined, intuitive dashboards that can help with business; NowCerts goes above and beyond a simple claim and proves, time and again, that our dashboard is the best in the business. 
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