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As long-time members of the insurance industry, the Now Certs team understands perfectly how hectic, time-consuming and confusing it can be to compile, save and catalog files, and how quickly the storage of said important files can quickly get out of hand and muck up the machine. With the Now Certs Agency Management System, we have managed to greatly streamline the process of files and documents storage

The biggest benefit of this streamlined file management and storage system to notice right away is that you no longer have to worry about gigabytes being consumed. If your insurance agency is already working online using Web 2.0 tactics, then you're familiar with the issues of only having 100mb of space left and 300mb worth of material that needs to fit into the server. We defeat this hurdle by providing unlimited space. Not “unlimited' in the sense of most web hosts, where what they really mean is that you have X amount of storage to share with similar clients on a server. We mean unlimited in, as much as you can store, Now Certs provides the space.

Another benefit in this Files and Documents Storage section is the easy navigation from the toolbar in the dashboard. You can very easily navigate through the various features and upload which files you need, various file types, etc; you also have the advantage of creating easily a slew of different storage sections for your agency files, agent-related files, customer specific files, like with certificates, and anything else you could possibly need.

The Now Certs Agency Management System is also incredibly intuitive to the point of all its features working in unison. For example, under the storage heading here, you can actually interact seamlessly with other parts of the system, by going to the “Other” tab on the right-hand side of the system, selecting the drop bar, and then easily navigating your way through any aspect of a customer's information and files you need to view.

Keeping policies and pictures current, uploading driver records, and quickly attaching necessary files to be sent to colleagues, underwriters, etc, it's all literally at your fingertips with the Now Certs Agency Management System.

Files and Documents Storage

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