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No matter how big or small your agency is, using your business data to drive management decisions is likely to have a substantial positive impact on your bottom line. Using an agency management system, like Now Certs, will enable your agency to accumulate reams of useful data. In order to unlock the secrets that all your business data holds, you need reports. Now Certs provides the most powerful reporting tools in the agency management system industry.  Now Certs AMS offers three types of reports that combine ease of customization, flexibility, and graphical representation that can provide principals and managers with powerful views of the various aspects of running your organization: Canned - Graphical Reports, On-the-fly filtered lists, and Ad hoc or completely custom reports.

Canned Reports: We have prepared a collection of over 40 reports that we think will be useful for any insurance agency or brokerage. These are organized in several categories: Commission related Reports, reports tied to Policies, Reports related to Insureds, Reports dissecting activity by Carriers, MGAs and lines of business, Financial Reports, Workflow and efficiency reports, Production Reports, to name a few. The parameters for these reports have been predetermined by the system, hence the name "canned" report. All you need to do is click View to run the report in order to obtain a nicely formatted graphical report of the underlying data. These reports do include a limited number of filtering options that allow the user to customize the report for things like date ranges and various other subsets of the underlying data.

Filtered List provides a step up in the power and customization options of Now Certs reporting capabilities. You will notice throughout the system that any List pages (Insureds, Policies, endorsements, etc) have the option to "Export to Excel". Combined with the filtering options on all such pages, a user can generate a custom dataset, which can be exported to a spreadsheet application like Excel. Once in Excel the data can be further manipulated, analyzed and formatted to produce any report that these powerful analytical and presentational tools provide.

Ad-Hoc reports: Lastly, for the power user, whose analytical needs are not satisfied by either our canned reports nor the filtered lists, Now Certs provides the ultimate tool for report customization.  The Ad hoc reporting tool allows users with proper permissions to design their queries choosing data items from all available fields in the entire database. Again these datasets can then be exported to other more powerful analytical tools, like Excel, CRM systems or proprietary analytical software.

The Now Certs reporting toolbox provides users with an easy, as well as completely customizable way, to dissect and analyze your business data that can give management the tools and confidence to steer the agency in the desired direction.


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