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One of the flagships in the Now Certs agency management system is the robust and bespoke design of the client portal.  Customer satisfaction, security and agency E&O exposure are at the forefront of the insured portal module. 

Increase in customer retention is one of the added benefits of using the client portal.  An agency allowing its insureds to log in and manage their certificates of insurance, pay their insurance bill, sign applications or submit a claim have proven to set the agency apart from the competition.  Once an insured becomes accustomed to such on demand online customer service perquisites, moving to another insurance agency has proven to be much less likely.  The benefits to the insured are apparent.  An insured does not need to wait for the agency to issue and send a certificate. 
Insurance agency managements system send certificate
Send Certificate

The client portal allows the insured to issue, email or fax their certificates 24 hours a day.  The insured can download and print Vehicle ID Cards, request an amendment or an endorsement of the policy, make a payment, chat with the agent or even submit a quote request.  These and many more features are available through the client portal. 

As an added functionality and agency brand recognition, the Now Certs client portal can be integrated into the insurance agency's website.  The portal can be opened within the agency's site through an iFrame, thus allowing the insureds to access their client portal while remaining on the agency's URL whilst cramming the agency's logo and branding. 

Security and E&O exposure are very important when it comes to personal and sensible financial data.  The Now Certs client portal allows the agency to set the access parameters to the client portal.  The agency can allow customers to access their policy information or a list of drivers or the self-serve Certificates module.  The agency can also restrict access to the client portal, or to specific modules within the portal.  The agency has a full control of who can log in and what information will be available.  Security and agency risk exposure are amply addressed by the client portal module. 
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List Of Certificates
The client portal is an added benefit to the insurance agency and its insureds.  No other system comes even close to addressing the needs of the agent and the insured so thoroughly and comprehensively as Now Certs does through its Client Portal Module.  The design, all of its functionality, agency branding and full set of access rights leave a true customer satisfaction taste with the insured and the agent. 

Self Serve Certificates

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