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One of Now Certs' missions is to provide an Agency Management System, which will help and aid you to handle any potential issue or goal you find yourself dealing with via your insurance business. This often includes working up various marketing strategies in order to better and more directly speak to would-be customers, and existing customers and getting them to purchase policies from you. Keeping ahead of your various strategies to try, things you have already tried, existing customers you have already contacted, etc., can start to pile up and become confusing. With the Marketing Forms section of the system, you have a streamlined, contained way by which to stay ahead of all the relevant data.

This feature, as with all the system's features, is easily accessible directly from the dashboard. On the left-hand side of the dashboard screen, you will see clearly inside the taskbar the heading of "Marketing Forms." By clicking on this tab, you will thus enter into this section that will provide you with all the relevant information needed to compile, store and share various forms filled with data pertinent to your operations.

Let's say that, with the help of the system, you have identified that, in a few months, a large percentage of your base of insureds will be reaching the expiration date of their policies. Reminding them of said cancellation is a great way to ensure that most of them will renew their policies and the Agency Management System has a section dedicated solely to helping you stay aware of all these looming changes. However, what do you plan to do for the rest of your customer base? Creating a marketing strategy is a key aspect of any successful business, and Now Certs helps by streamlining the process of creating, storing and sharing these strategies with any user on the system who has the correct permissions.  

Since the entire system is cloud based, sharing your information with relevant users inside of your agency is a snap. Whether you're emailing through the system's in-house feature, or chatting with people via the same proprietary type of feature, or even if you're allowing people to access the same forms you're accessing, the entire company can be made easily aware of marketing details so that no one is ever left out of the loop or left guessing as to what the plan is.

Marketing Forms

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